Project WhatCity? aims to open discussion about the topics of urban development and civic engagement and include municipalities, local experts and community. Since its beginning in 2104, WhatCity? creates context for new dialogues and functions as a dynamic platform that brings solutions for urban environment and transparent approaches to urban development. By engaging local and international experts, we bring new ways of thinking about the urban development in Bratislava.

Dramaturgy: Barbara Zavarská, Illah van Oijen, Milota Sidorová, Lívia Gažová, Katarína Poliačiková

Civil Association PUNKT was founded in 2007 with the mission to promote and support research in design, fine art, architecture and urbanism. We gradually added the objective to provide complex support for urban development on many levels. Our main focus is improving the quality of life for our communities and local businesses. We connect the needs of  residents with urban development, responsible waste management and its minimization. Our overall mission is to support diversity in Slovak art and culture scene, community development and encouraging active citizenship.